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"Looking back on all the Wonderful Years!"

Royal Crown Stables, LLC grew from a dream that started in 1978 as Lucky Horseshoe Farm in Orland Park, IL. Owner Nanette Corso started a small breeding farm with her son Mark and daughter Nanette Jr. As Lucky Horseshoe Farm grew Mark and Nanette Jr. made their success in the show ring in both the Midwest and West coast. Nanette diversified the business in the late 70's to include an Equestrian Tack Shop, Lucky Horseshoe Saddlery and an Insurance & Investment Company, Equine Ventures.

Nanette Corso moved to Arizona in 1983 and continued her work in the insurance industry and horse related businesses. Nanette is very involved in the health and physical development of the horse and small animal industry. She presently spends significant time as a certified physical, massage therapist and consultant for holistic herbs and alternative treatments for the equine and canine industry. (Please visit the physical therapy link for information on the different therapeutic modalities and holistic herbs and supplements available.)

Son Mark (pictured above) enjoyed great success in the 80's as an accomplished rider under the direction of trainer Dave Jolin. Dave Jolin was not only Mark's mentor but also a true horseman and friend, with a second Dad quality for this energetic teenager. Thank you Dave!

Nanette Jr. with Psyches Moment (Padrons Psyche
x Momentica) 2006 Region 9 Top Five

Dave and Mark as a team won multi championships in Western Pleasure Amateur and Professional. At the Abu All Arabian Show in Springfield, IL they both received high honors including high point horse and rider with Char Glo Suzy (Char Glo Casson x Surifa). Additionally, Mark was awarded multiple championships in English Pleasure and Halter with Ar Rex Stormy Beau and trainer Larry Hoffman. After several years of regional and national top ten championships, it was time for Mark to turn in the reins for college books. After college years spent in Arizona, Mark decided to become an operating engineer and returned to his Illinois roots. He was the youngest appointed Operating Engineer at Local 150 Union. Mark married high school sweetheart Ginger, and together they have three beautiful children Danny, Shea and Casey. Mark works as Superintendent of one of the largest excavation companies in the Midwest.

Daughter Nanette Jr. (pictured at right) brought horse Char Glo Suzy out of retirement in the 90's and rode her to many championships. Susan Shea Graham and DeDe Bisch were the trainers of choice for Nanette Jr. in Western Pleasure Jr. Rider and the Western Pleasure Open division. Soon her interest expanded to a love of reining horse's with the pure Polish mare, Polish Princess. Polish Princess was trained by Brett Stone and became a breathtaking Scottsdale, Regional and National Champion Reining Stock Horse in both open and amateur divisions.

With an ongoing desire to remain active in the horse industry, Nanette joined Double Diamond Ranch where she worked as an assistant under top trainers Jim Stachowski and Tommy Garland. Double Diamond became a second home to Nanette from 1999 - 2005. The education in breeding and family atmosphere will always be appreciated. Thank you Dr. Mario Zerlotti and owner Ted Blanch!

In 2003 Nanette Jr. complete her studies at Colorado State University and received her certificates for Artificial Insemination, Equine Reproduction Management and Handling and Shipping Cooled Equine Spermatozoa.

As of 2006 Nanette Jr. has been working successfully as an agent with American Family Insurance. She and her mother Nanette Sr. are fortunate to be able to keep it in the family as they contimue their insurance career together. Specializing in Farm/Ranch Insurance they are able to utilize their extensive knowledge and passion to protect other equine industry professionals and their most treasured and valuable investments.

Our biggest supporters!

Nanette's parents, Anne and Hank Corso have been there since the inception, attending all shows in every state in all kinds of weather. Following the truck and trailer with there motor home and cooking at the fair grounds for all their grandchildren's friends and families. Our strongest supporters with their unending loyalty and fans. We have wonderful memories of those times and we will cherish them forever.

Hank & Anne Corso
50th Wedding Anniversary February 16, 1996

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God Bless them and our Country. **
United States Marine Corps
"Semper Fi"